Artist Statement

2023 was a year of focus, community arts, and personal growth for my work in Ceramics. The flexibility of clay can be molded into endless creations of thoughts and ideas that artists may explore in their work, meditation, growth and healing. This open clay palette of pathways is a tool that allows my mind to release ideas and emotions into ceramic art forms.


My current work in alternative firing such as: Western raku, pit, obvara, and horse hair firing is an exploration of reduction-smoke firings and texture techniques that give movement, feeling, depth, and definition to my art. Personal expression is achieved using handmade clay stamps, organic combustibles, foil saggars, and carving designs into clay. This process is satisfying; a personal meditation in which flow and connection are established. Sodium silicate for defined crackle texture, mica terra-sigillata for added surface sheen and lustre, and raku glazes converge to add vibrance to enhance the textured surfaces.


I move forward with my ceramic pursuits with continued excitement and enthusiasm to explore, share, and continue learning about the world and myself through clay. Sharing my knowledge and love of art with my community and other artists to foster artistic growth within their personal journey, is also a key part of my vision and mindset.